Sunday, December 16, 2012


My colab partner Tristan checking out his handiwork inside the shark

This looks crazy! I collaborated with Tristan Houghton film making/director ace for the Seven with Another sixth edition. With the theme being six, we used our supernatural powers and tapped into our sixth senses to create this work. My end of the bargain involved constructing this beyond neon shark with laser beam eyes. Tristan's contribution was a film that was shown inside the sharks mouth. The colours are so great!

Here's how we explained things:

What started as a dream and escalated into a nightmare, eventually awoke to an idea for this collaborative project. A psychedelic shark attack. 

Using the idea that as human beings our sixth sense and intuition can be found in dreams, nightmares, premonitions and visions, this project took the vision from a dream and traversed it into the scientific realm. As it happens, sharks also share a sixth sense that enables them to sense electromagnetic fields in the sea. 

This project draws from both inspirations and unites the two through the use of sculpture and film in this site-specific installation. 

Tristan is a gold coast based film maker, surfer and lover of the ocean. Sue-Ching is a Brisbane based installation artist who hates the beach and fears the sea. This project is the result of when love and hate, passions and dreams collide. 

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