Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animation Station at SLQ

I have always, always wanted to do something at the State Library. Their childrens programs are awesome and it's the library- with books and stories... need I say more? So, lucky me! At the end of last year I was commissioned by the very energetic children's program team at the State Library Queensland to design and make an interactive installation for their comprehensive school holiday program titled: Animation Station. Wowsers! Everything in this project seemed so large scale which added to the fun of it. The workshop was supposed to run for 3 weeks in January but unfortunately because of the Brisbane flood disaster it was only open for 9 days. Bless. I never did get the chance to properly photograph this work in its final set up, so the only visual joy I can bring is the photos I took on my phone during the install... you get the idea anyways.

A very Black and Spiro Christmas

Images courtesy of Black and Spiro

In November I was fortunate to work with Anna Spiro of Black and Spiro. She is an amazing interior designer with a very keen eye for all things bright and beautiful (you only need to step foot in her Brunswick St shop to soak up the radiance and colour). For this project we collaborated on ideas for the Black and Spiro Christmas window. I'm so proud of how the finished work looked and the process was nothing short of inspiring! It's really cool that working on a semi commercial job actually instilled me with more ideas and passion for my art practice than working through some of my own exhibition projects and I'm really looking forward to seeing these come to fruition in 2011! (Thanks Anna.)