Monday, August 22, 2011

Everything's coming up Noses!

I love window spaces. I think part of what I love most about them is the fact that my work is so tactile, yet the glass barricades the viewer away from being able to touch it. The irony. The yearning.

For this show, I made a little over 200 felt noses. When I got the initial flyer, no one could really recognise what they were and what I enjoyed about that was the realisation that without the context of the eyes and the mouth... what is a nose? An unidentifiable lump.

The premise and title of this show is Smell You Later. That silly childhood phrase. Only in this case, you will be overwhelmingly smelt 200 or more times. Oh silliness.

Thanks to the curatorial powerhouse- Marie from Window99 and her boyfriend Leo, he makes a lovely cup of tea. If you're traveling down Brunswick St in Fitzroy, take a look. It will be up until the 3rd September.

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