Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animation Station at SLQ

I have always, always wanted to do something at the State Library. Their childrens programs are awesome and it's the library- with books and stories... need I say more? So, lucky me! At the end of last year I was commissioned by the very energetic children's program team at the State Library Queensland to design and make an interactive installation for their comprehensive school holiday program titled: Animation Station. Wowsers! Everything in this project seemed so large scale which added to the fun of it. The workshop was supposed to run for 3 weeks in January but unfortunately because of the Brisbane flood disaster it was only open for 9 days. Bless. I never did get the chance to properly photograph this work in its final set up, so the only visual joy I can bring is the photos I took on my phone during the install... you get the idea anyways.

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Shell said...

This looks wonderful! I'm sorry I didn't get to see it!