Monday, August 31, 2009

Tales From The Cold Ghost III

Cops! 1

Cops! 2

Cops! 1 & 2 (detail)

Tales From the Cold Ghost is a fantastic exhibition concocted from the minds of the two most inspiring young lasses I know- Tiny Gold! For this show I decided to try something a little different and do some wall based work that incorporated both painting and embroidery. The embroidered figures actually sit a centimetre or two off the backgrounds, still giving them a little bit of 3D-ness.

My focus for this series was Cops (the tv show- duh!). Once a popular prime time TV hit claiming to capture the reality of the US police force protecting the cherished ideals of American freedom and liberty. However at a closer look, Cops presents the insanity of a power-tripping police force juxtaposed against the stupidity of unfortunate criminals. With each episode the true parody of American culture is illuminated; a maniacal society clinging to a tacky and desperate popular culture. Cops is clearly removed from real life. Showcasing shocking brutality and an obvious one-dimensional approach to the American law enforcement system it continues to confuse our perception of justice.

With this work I wanted to pursue this absurdity by diluting American idealism to the point of the fanciful. I started with a screen grab which was then sketched and finally embroidered. While the original Cops image appears in the work as a distant tactile apparition, evil finds an unexpected home in the nostalgic world of arts and crafts.

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