Monday, August 31, 2009

Magic Garden

This photo: Max Fleet, Bundaberg Newsmail

I just installed this exhibition at the Bundaberg Regional Arts Gallery. I had the nicest week there and everyone at the gallery was so helpful and just darn lovely! It's also one of the coolest spaces I've exhibited (a converted 1920's bank vault, hence the name).

The difficult thing about installation is that you can have an idea of what you want it to look like but until it's in the gallery, well, that's when you really know. I was so happy with how this turned out, I feel like it really transformed the space into a very embedded part of my imagination. I got to relive my childhood fantasies where it's often in the most simple places that there is overwhelming joy and fulfillment. As a child there wasn't too much ready-made entertainment and so a lot of time was spent playing outdoors (like so many of us). So the garden became the centre of amusement and the most magical place where a child's imagination could create the greatest fictitious characters and stories. The garden was also a place where I loved to plant vegetables and watch them grow, and I remember feeling an enormous pride in doing what seems now, such an uncomplicated thing.

It's such a hard installation to capture in photos but worth a visit if you're up Bundy way. The last photo was taken by a very nice photographer for the Bundaberg newspaper.

Tales From The Cold Ghost III

Cops! 1

Cops! 2

Cops! 1 & 2 (detail)

Tales From the Cold Ghost is a fantastic exhibition concocted from the minds of the two most inspiring young lasses I know- Tiny Gold! For this show I decided to try something a little different and do some wall based work that incorporated both painting and embroidery. The embroidered figures actually sit a centimetre or two off the backgrounds, still giving them a little bit of 3D-ness.

My focus for this series was Cops (the tv show- duh!). Once a popular prime time TV hit claiming to capture the reality of the US police force protecting the cherished ideals of American freedom and liberty. However at a closer look, Cops presents the insanity of a power-tripping police force juxtaposed against the stupidity of unfortunate criminals. With each episode the true parody of American culture is illuminated; a maniacal society clinging to a tacky and desperate popular culture. Cops is clearly removed from real life. Showcasing shocking brutality and an obvious one-dimensional approach to the American law enforcement system it continues to confuse our perception of justice.

With this work I wanted to pursue this absurdity by diluting American idealism to the point of the fanciful. I started with a screen grab which was then sketched and finally embroidered. While the original Cops image appears in the work as a distant tactile apparition, evil finds an unexpected home in the nostalgic world of arts and crafts.

Friday, August 28, 2009

1 x painting

Today I did something very uncharacteristic and made a painting!
I combined 2 different little drawing ideas from my visual diary and this is the result. All I need to do is add a little gold paint into the tiny heart.