Sunday, November 9, 2008

Touch Me

Installing into the gallery. I had some good helpers!

Touch Me
Touch may be a basic human need but it is more complex than it seems. In her provocatively titled soft sculpture work, Touch Me, Brisbane artist Sue-Ching Lascelles dramatises the contradictory impulses that underwrite our longing to both be touched and to protect oneself from the invasiveness of unwanted touching. A claustrophobic tangle of hands crafted from felt hang theatrically from the gallery roof and the viewer must push them aside to move through the space. While their warmth and tactility offer some comfort, the disembodied nature of the hands, their anonymity and their monumental scale are deeply unsettling. Lascelles has explored perceptions and memories of childhood in past sculptures but here nostalgia for childhood play is transformed into something inherently darker, confronting the viewer with the ways in which we construct personal boundaries at the same time we desire them to be transgressed. Ella Mudie

Jugglers Artspace Artists in Residence show 07

We Make Shadow Puppets

This work was part of the Young Brisbane Artists project, exhibited at Metro Arts, Brisbane.

A month of Sundays

Haven't been so great at keeping this thing up to date. Will add a bunch of stuff, now or later.